When you lose someone


As a qualified funeral celebrant, I will support and work closely with you to create a personal and satisfactory funeral ceremony that reflects how you want to acknowledge the passing of your loved one. 

I will deliver the service in the way you want it – whether it be from taking the whole service, through to being the ‘glue’ that guides the different speakers and activities you plan to have.

I make sure that everything we plan for happens, and manage the unforeseen as the need arises.

You will find that I am

• A good communicator

• An engaging public speaker

• Friendly and warm

• Professional

• Organised and punctual

• Flexible and accommodating

• Creative

• Calm under pressure

I bring to my celebrant role many skills and experiences of a life lived 200% – with a heartfelt sensitivity and maturity.

I am also a meditation teacher and Ishaya monk of The Bright Path – a practice that offers an ongoing experience of peace.


Organising the ceremony

I meet with you and whoever else I need to, at a venue of your choice. We talk together until I have enough information to create a draft funeral ceremony. We continue to talk and exchange emails until we are satisfied with the ceremony, and clear about everyone’s role in the service. 

On the day, I will provide the level of involvement you want – whether it be that I take the whole service, or that I am the ‘glue’ in guiding the different speakers and activities throughout the ceremony.

My commitment is to work with you to create a unique and appropriate ceremony that reflects how you want to acknowledge the passing of your loved one.

Funeral fees are usually paid by the Funeral Directors you have engaged.


Organising your own ceremony

Some people may wish to plan their own funeral – if they know that their life will end due to a terminal illness or age, if they want to relieve their family of the emotional burden of arranging a funeral service, or for other reasons.

I welcome the opportunity to support and guide anyone who is planning their own funeral, creating a funeral ceremony with you that is unique and appropriate for you.

Fees are negotiable and reflect the level of service you request.