Wedding and funeral celebrant





We celebrate and mark important times in our lives with ceremony.

  • In weddings we are choosing a partner to love for the rest of our lives
  • In funerals we are celebrating the life and acknowledging the passing of a loved one.

We embrace these times with love, meaning and purpose.

This is why I love being a celebrant – being there to support and guide you through some of the most important moments in your life.

I bring with me the many skills and experiences of a life lived 200% – with passion, vitality, joy and a sense of adventure.

I live in Auckland and am available to deliver ceremonies in the greater Auckland region. I may also be available for other regions on request.

I am inclusive and aim to be culturally safe. 

I’d be thrilled to work with you!






Ross McCook



“Lyn continues to impress me with her ability to commit, aid and assist people of all ages and ethnicities in our community.  She is an extremely generous and helpful individual, an outstanding person and a great community role model.  Lyn exudes a strong personal sense of warmth and inclusion towards others and is a highly relational individual. . .a confident and engaging public speaker.”

Amanda Tarrant

Managing Director, The Bright Path NZ Ltd


“Lyn’s unique skills as a registered celebrant and meditation teacher are extremely welcomed by our spiritual community. She incorporates our values into her ceremonies in a very meaningful way. I believe many other spiritual communities would also value and utilize Lyn’s unique qualities as a celebrant.”

Member: Celebrants’ Association of New Zealand